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Full Flower, Full Spectrum

Our Story

SwampBuck Farm’s products are made with full flower CBD distillate from hemp grown on our small family farm located in Montello, WI. Dry-farmed, sustainably grown and without any pesticides or herbicides!

Our farm was a retired dairy farm from the early 1900’s. Our CBD distillate is extracted by Goodland Extracts (Milwaukee, WI), and is full panel tested for quality throughout the entire process.

Our final products is mixed and bottled by Partnered Process (Waukesha, WI). Our goal, strive for the highest quality, and want to make products that are very effective for our family of customers.

Dry-farmed &sustainably grown.

Full Flower, Full Spectrum

Why We Started

The idea came to me while working in the San Francisco indoor growing industry. We worked under artificial lights and used city water to grow the plants indoors. While what we grew was high quality, I wanted to figure out a way to grow this amazing plant in a more sustainable way outdoors. I decided to move back home to Wisconsin to start a company and farm with my family and friends.

Why SwampBuck?

We came up with the name SwampBuck because our farm has an abundance of deer. Deer use the hemp field to hide and it’s covered in their tracks! Our hemp is also dry-farmed in low, muck ground- so we do not irrigate at all!

My goal is to grow the highest quality hemp by using organic and sustainable practices on the most fertile ground we have, while bringing back the health of our farmland. By incorporating compost, worm castings, and all organic matter I can find, while avoiding pesticides and herbicides, the hemp would also help clean the soil with its deep roots and bring the soil back to optimal health. I also wanted to integrate dry-farming practices “no irrigation” which maintained the goal of sustainability, instead of using massive amounts of water and fertilizer to grow like most farms.

SwampBuck Farms CBD Plant Field

Meet the Team

Scott Battuello

Founder + Operations Manager

IT engineering degree, worked in the healthcare, farming, and manager of an indoor growing facility. Love the outdoors and protector the environment.

Mike Battuello

Founder + Operations Manager

Retired after a 40 yr career with GE Healthcare, married, father of four, and grandpa to ten

Czarina Lazaro

Cultivation Specialist

6 years industry experience in California Indoor cultivation, vegetative propagation, operations, IPM (integrated pest management), extractions, product processing, brand representative, head of sales. On fifth year in hemp industry.

Our hemp drying barn got an upgrade for 2022!

This solar solution installed by Northwind Solar will supply >100% of SwampBuck Farms’ electricity needs. Join us on our journey on growing GREEN with solar energy dried, cured, and bucked hemp flowers.

solar cbd swampbuck farms

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