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“I started taking SwampBuck’s Natural & Wedding Cake 2000 mg CBD oil over a week ago and it has helped improve my quality of sleep and has eased my pain from arthritis which kept me up at night prior. I am feeling more rested and my focus has improved greatly.”


“It helps with my tennis elbow.”


“The pain associated with my plantar fasciitis and lower back arthritis has been greatly reduced by taking SwampBuck Farms CBD oil.”


“I love this CBD for my arthritis!”


“SwampBuck Farms CBD has helped reduce my anxiety, lowered my blood sugar levels, and improved my sleep.”


“I’ve been taking SwampBuck Farms CBD Mint-Gelato for a little over a month. I had severe arthritis in my right hip and sometimes it was hard to move that leg because of the pain. Due to anxiety levels caused by COVID-19, anxiety was at an all time high. I talked to my doctor to get the OK. I take a ½ dropper a night. My hip pain is no longer there and anxiety levels are close to nothing! I am sleeping wonderfully and feel well rested in the morning to start a full day. I recommend this product 100%.”


“SwampBuck Farms CBD oil literally changed my life. Not exaggerating! I’ve dealt with bad physical anxiety my whole life and nothing has helped. Symptoms such as racing/pounding heart and trouble catching my breath and a big knot in the stomach kind of anxiety… When I started using SwampBuck CBD oil and I had moments of that anxiety, it almost completely cured every symptom! Or I use it if I know I will be doing something that will cause anxiety, and I find those physical issues just don’t happen. So, so amazing.  I’m just in awe and feel like I can’t ever not have it in my life! THANK YOU!”


“This product keeps me calm, helps with my anxiety, and also really helps me sleep. It’s truly a great product.”


“I’ve had neck pain for years and your CBD oil has greatly reduced my discomfort and allowed me to start exercising again. I have also noticed a significant improvement in sleep quality.”

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